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The Neonatal Society Handbooks

Below are the archived introductions to the Neonatal Society Handbook.

Introduction to the Handbook, 1983

The Handbook has been updated in 1983 mainly to keep members' addresses reasonably up-to-date. Since it is only 3 years since the last edition was published, extensive secretarial comment does not seem appropriate: such is best left for a decade. We did, however, think that members might be interested to know that at 1 July 1983 the total membership stands at 297, of whom 20 are Honorary Members. Nearly a quarter (69, or 23.3%) of the Society's members live outside the UK, 11 in Scandinavia, 23 in other Western European countries and the remainder in Australasia, North America, South Africa and Eastern Europe. In view of the difficulties experienced by some overseas members in obtaining travel funding, we would remind you that the Society does give bursaries specifically for this purpose. The Treasurer & General Secretary are always very glad to receive applications for such help.

- Fiona Broughton Pipkin and Tony Milner

Introduction to the Handbook, 1986

The only major change in the 1986 edition of the Handbook is the revision of the list of members and their addresses.

Members may like to know that the membership of the Society currently stands at 317 of whom 19 are Honorary Members.

In 1983 and 1984, the abstracts of the Society were published in Biology of the Neonate, but it has not been possible to continue this arrangement. From November 1985, abstracts will be published in Early Human Development .

A new venture of the Society in 1985 was to combine (very successfully) our Summer Meeting with that of the British Association of Perinatal Paediatrics (BAPP) in Dundee. An even greater leap forward will occur in 1986 when, in May, we travel abroad for the first time to have our "Summer" Meeting jointly with the Swedish Neonatal Society at Marstrand, just outside Gothenburg.

- Cliff Roberton and Ian Stothers

Introduction to the Handbook, 1995

The Society continues to flourish, with more good quality papers being submitted than can be accepted. All day meetings in the Spring and Winter are held at the Royal Society of Medicine with a two day Summer meeting out of London. The 20th Annual Vickers Lecture will be given during the Winter meeting in 1995, and 1994 saw the foundation of the McCance Lecture to be given annually during the Spring meeting. The Society was delighted and honoured that Dr Elsie Widdowson agreed to give the inaugural lecture, and all who attended were fascinated by her series of vignettes of the research carried out by herself and Professor McCance. A commemorative medal has been struck, bearing the portrait of Professor McCance by WE Harraway commissioned by the Society in honour of his 80th birthday. This medal will be worn by the lecturer who will receive a bookplate bearing the image as a momento. The McCance travel bursaries have continued to prove popular and have enabled many foreign visitors, in particular those from eastern Europe, to attend meetings of the Society.

The finances of the Society are on a sound footing with the annual membership subscription held at 20. The membership has grown to 376, but remains predominantly clinical in spite of all efforts to encourage basic science and obstetric contributions. The inevitable problems created by this resulted in a vote to change the constitution. This now allows the Committee to be formed of those who are willing to serve rather than enforcing a mix of clinical and non-clinical scientists.

Sadly, several members have died since the last edition of the Handbook. They include Professor McCance, Professor Sir Peter Tizard, Dr Marion Silver, Dr Joan Mott, Professor Brimblecombe, and Dr Douglas Gairdner. We will miss their contributions and enthusiastic support.

The ready availability of desktop publishing, relational databases and word processing on personal computers has made the preparation of this edition easier, and will enable regular updates in future. The inclusion of telephone, fax numbers and E-mail should facilitate contact between members to arrange collaboration and foster friendships made at meetings. If your address is incomplete or incorrect or you would like to add E-mail please return the form on the following page.

- Janet Rennie and Andrew Wilkinson

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