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The Neonatal Society has a long history of hosting special lectures, featuring eminent scientists and clinicians from across the globe. Other than the Tizard, Widdowson, McCance and Young Investigator's lectures, these include the following.

The Curosurf Lectures

2003, N McIntosh
Models, relevant models and what can be done with them. An illustration using the Edinburgh ROP model

2002, R Hume
'SwitchAtBirth' - Disordered perinatal adaptation: prevention of the neurodevelopmental and endocrine consequences

2001, D Leon
Fetal programming: how real, how relevant?

The Serono Lectures

2000, L Wolpert
Pattern formation in development

1998, C McMillen
Stress and parturition

The Vickers Lectures

1997, J Wigglesworth
Adventures in the perinatal jungle

1996, H Lagencrantz
Arousal, stress, gene activation and neonatal adaptation

1995, J Glover
The development of pattern in the nervous system: predetermination and plasticity

1994, N Fisk
Intrauterine sibling rivalry in monochorial twins

1993, M Noble
Precursor biology and development, regulation and repair through cell transplantation

1992, ME Avery
Perspectives on pulmonary surfactant

1991, A Warner
The control of neuronal differentiation - what can we learn from the amphibian embryo

1990, P Rossdale
Are you ready for birth

1989, J Hall
Dysmorphic features and their genesis

1988, F Allen
The enigma of the pregnant mare: endocrinological and immunological features of placentation and early development and failure

1987, JJ Volpe
Positron emission tomography in the study of the neonatal brain

1986, RJ Flower
The looking glass world of prostaglandins

1985, VR Young
Whole body amino-acid and protein kinetics: nutritional implications with particular reference to the neonate (Given in February 1986)

1984, AC Bryan
Respiration: a troublesome practice

1983, R Williamson
Gene cloning and its application to antenatal diagnosis

1982, A Jost
Fetal endocrinology past, present and future

1981, C Blakemore
Interaction of genes and environment in the development of the monkey's visual system

1980, B Friis-Hansen
Cerebral blood flow, arterial blood pressure and their possible relationship to intraventricular haemorrhage

1979, J Cremer
Nutrients for the brain: problems of supply

1978, RA Hinde
Comparative aspects of parent-infant bonding

1977, CF Mills
The role of trace elements in fetal and early post-natal development

1976, F Sereni
Some aspects of developmental pharmacology and developmental biochemistry in the fetus and newborn

The Geistlich Lecture

1975, H Galjaard
The study of generic hereogeneity in newborn errors of metabolism: a bridge between clinician and basic scientist

The Glaxo Lectures

1974, BA Cross
The physiology of suckling

1973, G Thorburn
Some determinants of fetal growth: the influence of thyroidectomy, hypophysectomy, and nephrectomy in the lamb

1972, RV Short
Some new thoughts on sex determination and differentiation

1971, RA McCance
Infant physiology comes of age

1970, CG Bernard
Some electrophysical apsects of the prenatal development of the cerebral cortex

1968, DH Barron
The environment in which the fetus lives: some lessons since Barcroft

1968, G Currie
The fetus as an allograft
(Peter Hahn from Czechoslovakia was invited but was unable to come)

The Oxygenaire Lectures

1964, J Lind
Human portal circulation before and after birth

1965, JA Clements
The physiological basis of neonatal respiratory distress

1966, HKA Visser
Some recent developments in fetal and neonatal endocrinology

1967, O Celander
Cardiovascular control in the newborn infant

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