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Peter TizardProfessor Sir Peter Tizard, was a founder member of the Neonatal Society in 1959, and Professor of Paediatrics at the Hammersmith Hospital (1964-1972) and Oxford University (1972-1983).

He was widely regarded as a teacher, leader and source of inspiration to those involved in scientific investigation and the clinical care of newborn babies. After his death in 1993, a fund was established to be used in recognition and celebration of his life.

Contributions have been received from many members of the Neonatal Society, former students and friends at Jesus College, Oxford and the Society of Apothecaries. The proceeds are used either as a research grant or to support an annual lecture.

In 1997 the Neonatal Society agreed that an Annual Lecture should be given at the Summer Meeting - The Peter Tizard Lecture.

The lectures given so far are:

2017, Brighton: Professor Peter Brocklehurst, University of Birmingham
New methods for clinical and health services research in perinatal medicine

2016, Cambridge: Professor David Rowitch, University of Cambridge
The Developing Brain

2015, Winchester: Prof Dino A. Giussani
Fetal origins of cardiovascular disease: new treatment strategies

2014, Harrogate: Professor Andrew Hattersley
The potential life-long implications of neonatal hyper and hypoglycaemia

2013, Edinburgh: Professor Joy Lawn
Three million neonatal deaths: closing action and knowledge gaps

2012, Canterbury: Professor Evan Snyder
Cross-talk & developmental programs A key to the potential role of stem cell biology in perinatal medicine

2011, Harrogate: Professor Alan Jobe
Who are these miracle babies?

2010, Nottingham: Professor Hans van Goudoever
Early nutrition and long term consequences

2009, County Durham: Professor Frances Jensen
Mechanisms and therapeutic targets in neonatal seizures

2008, Harrogate: Professor Sam Hawgood
Lung surfactant: protecting alveolar stability and sterility

2007, Portsmouth: Dr Jeffrey A. Whitsett
Transcriptional networks mediating respiratory adaptation at birth

2006, London: Professor David Gadian
Imaging the developing brain

2005, Bristol: Professor Marianne Thoresen
Hypothermia: from anecdote to brain protection

2004, Cambridge: Sir Iain Chalmers
Confronting therapeutic uncertainties in neonatal care

2003, Oxford: Professor Lynne Murray
Effects of maternal depression and social adversity on parenting: Implications for infant physiological development

2002, Tours, France: Professor Petra Huppi
Steroids and the developing brain what have magnetic resonance techniques taught us?

2001, Nottingham: Professor Lord Winston
Clouds over Science

There are no online programmes for these older lectures:

2000, Netherlands: Professor Dick Tibboel
Molecular biological aspect of underdeveloped lung in the newborn

1999, Manchester: Professor Mark Ferguson
Cleft Palate: New insights into development, prevention and treatment

1998, Rennes, France: Dr Anita Aperia
Molecular mechanisms of sodium and water balance during fetal development

1997, Edinburgh: Professor John Davis
"a la recherche"

If you would like to make a contribution to the Peter Tizard Lecture Fund, please make this payable to Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Charitable Trust Fund or contact the General Secretary.

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