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The programme below provides the running order for the 2008 Autumn Meeting. Abstracts are linked below, but may also be located using the alphabetical index. View images from the meeting.

Autumn Meeting, 20th November 2008

Institute of Child Health, Guildford Street, London

0930 Coffee

Session 1 Chairperson Dr Nikki Robertson

1000 Stephanie Twigg, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, London (Introduced by Steve Kempley)
Does the addition of chlorpromazine or morphine affect symptom scores in babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome already receiving a single agent?

1015 Nazakat Merchant, Divisions of Clinical Sciences and Neonatology, Imperial College, London (Introduced by J P Boardman)
A system for magnetic resonance examination of very low birth weight infants who do not require mechanical ventilation

1030 Jenny Kerr, The Medical School, Newcastle University and Imaging Sciences Dept, Imperial College, London (Introduced by Prof D Edwards)
Thalamo-cortical connectivity in the developing preterm brain assessed using probabilistic diffusion tractography

1045 Tomoki Arichi, Divisions of Clinical Sciences & Neonatology, Imperial College, London (Introduced by Prof D Edwards)
Somatosensory cortical activation in the premature brain identified with functional MRI and a programmable hand interface

1100 Neonatal Society Student Prize: Thomas Waterfield
An elective project into neonatal diabetes and hyperinsulinaemia

1115 Coffee

Session 2 Chairperson Professor Greenough

1145 Michelle Hills, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge (Introduced by A Wilf Kelsall)
A randomised study to validate a mid-spinal canal depth nomogram in neonates

1200 Giles Kendall, EGA UCL Institute for Women’s Health, UCL, London
Non-invasive estimation of brain deep grey matter temperature using localised proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in normothermic and hypothermic newborn infants

1215 Keynote speaker: Dr Frances Cowan, Senior Lecturer in Perinatal Neurology Division of Clinical Sciences Imperial College London and MRC Clinical Sciences Centre Hammersmith Hospital, London
Neonatal stroke

1300 Lunch (not provided)

1345 AGM (Members only)

Session 3 Chairperson Professor Howard Clark

1445 Kevin Wheeler, Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne (Introduced by Prof Colin Morley)
Changes in volume guarantee ventilation during surfactant administration

1500 Amit Gupta, Institute of Child Health, London (Introduced by Ben Stenson)
Measurement of reduced ventilation: perfusion (V/Q) ratio and shunt to categorise BPD: Is it repeatable?

1515 Deena-Shefali Patel, King's College London (Introduced by Prof Anne Greenough)
Optimisation of volume targeting in infants with acute RDS

1530 Coffee

Session 4 Chairperson Professor Andrew Whitelaw (President of the Society)

1600 V. Doria, Division of Clinical Sciences & MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College, London (Introduced by Prof D Edwards)
Spontaneous activity in the developing preterm brain detected by resting state functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

1615 Vimal Vasu, Neonatal Medicine, Chelsea & Westminster Campus, Imperial College, London (Introduced by Prof N Modi)
Preterm nutrition and cerebral vessel tortuosity at term equivalent age

1630 Matthew J. Hyde, Neonatal Medicine, Chelsea & Westminster Campus, Imperial College London
First week post-partum lipid intake and hepatic lipid storage

1645 Su Tan, Divisions of Clinical Sciences & Neonatology, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London (Introduced by Prof D Edwards)
A restricted range of microorganisms in the fetal membranes associated with preterm birth

1700 The Widdowson Lecture:  Professor Fiona Broughton-Pipkin, Professor of Perinatal Physiology, Division of Human Development, University of Nottingham
Molecular mechanisms of Pre-eclampsia

1800 Drinks and close of meeting

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