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The programme below provides the running order for the 2011 Summer Meeting. Abstracts are not published on the Society website, but in Archives of Disease in Childhood. Where applicable links to the relevant abstract are included below. These abstracts and links are also listed in the alphabetical index.

Summer Meeting, 15th - 17th June 2011

A joint meeting with British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society, the British Association of Perinatal Medicine and the Neonatal Nurses Association, held at the Harrogate International Centre, Harrogate, UK.

Wednesday 15th June 2011

Session 1: Pre Term Birth. Chairs – Professor David Field & Professor Stephen Robson

13.00 The BAPM Founder's Lecture: Professor Jay D. Iams, Columbus, USA
 Inequalities related to pre-term birth

13.40 The BMFMS Society Lecture: Professor Roberto Romero, Michigan, USA
Intra-amniotic infection/inflammation preterm labour and fetal injury

14.20 The NNA Keynote Lecture: Professor Linda Franck, San Francisco, USA
 Will my babies hate me when they are older? Fears and facts about the effects of neonatal pain

15.00 Tea and Exhibition

Session 2: Chairs - Professor Howard Clark & Mrs Jackie Stretton

15.30 Routine probiotics for preterm babies? Professor Kate Costeloe, London, UK

16.00 Free Papers:

Session 3: Chair - Professor Kate Costeloe

17.00 The Tizard Lecture: Professor Alan H. Jobe, Cincinnati, USA
Who are these miracle babies?

18.00 Welcome Reception: Exhibition Hall, Harrogate International Centre

Thursday 16th June 2011

08.00 Registration

Session 4: Obesity. Chairs – Dr Helen Budge & Dr Margaret Ramsay

08.30 Professor Lucilla Poston, London, UK
Maternal and fetal outcomes and interventions in pregnancy

09.10 Dr Ken Ong, Cambridge, UK
Short and long term outcomes of infants of obese mothers

09.50 Neonatal Society Young Investigator, 2011: Dr Ela Chakkarapani, Bristol, UK
'Cool Xenon': Effects on neuroprotection and haemodynamics in post-asphyxial encephalopathy

10.20 Coffee and Exhibition

Session 5: Chairs – Dr Richard Thwaites & Professor Donald Peebles

10.50 Professor Colin Morley, Cambridge, UK
Risk and benefits of post natal steroids

11.20 Free papers:

12.20 Lunch, Poster Viewing and Exhibition

Sponsored by Alere

Chair: Professor Christopher W. Redman, Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK

12.30 Professor Christopher W. Redman, Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK
Current definition of pre-eclampsia – limitations and uncertainty

12.45 Dr Lucy Chappell, Senior Lecturer in Maternal and Fetal Medicine, King’s College Hospital, London, UK
Maternal and fetal complications of pre-eclampsia – Improving prediction of outcome and management

13.00 Professor Andrew Shennan, Professor of Obstetrics, King’s College Hospital, London, UK
Clinical evidence - Triage PlGF, an update on clinical studies Professor Andrew Shennan Professor of Obstetrics, King’s College Hospital, London, UK

13.15 Discussion

Session 6: Chairs – Miss Denise Evans & Dr Bryan Gill

13.40 Professor Andrew R Wilkinson, Oxford, UK
Decision making at the beginning and end of life in the newborn

14.10 Free papers:

15.10 Tea and Exhibition

Session 7: Asphyxia and HIE. Chairs – Dr Amanda Ogilvy Stuart & Miss Tina Pollard

15.40 Professor Henrik E. Hagberg, London, UK
Pathophysiology of fetal and neonatal brain injury

16.20 Professor A David Edwards, London, UK
Neuroprotection - what can we do now and what is on the horizon

19.30 Conference Reception and Dinner Majestic Hotel, Harrogate

Friday 17th June 2009

08.00 Registration

Session 8: Chairs – Dr Anoo Jain & Dr Julian Eason

09.00 Free papers:

10.00 Professor David Dunger, University of Cambridge, UK
Role of insulin for very pre term babies

10.30 Coffee and registration

Session 9: Chairs – Mr Richard Stewart & Dr Helen Budge

11.00 Professor David Archard, Lancaster, UK
Ethics regarding antenatal imaging

11.30 Mr Anthony Lander, Birmingham, UK
Surgical view of antenatal imaging

12.00 Families, Nottingham, UK
Our perspectives

12.15 Discussion

12.30 Lunch and Exhibition

Session 10: Platform posters. Chairs – Dr Alan Fenton & Dr Tracey Johnston

13.30 E Kidney et al
Does the level of evidence underpinning NICE recommendations influence adoption into Trust maternity guidelines? ADC link

13.35 V Gurung et al
Management and complications of 343 women with obstetric cholestasis in the United Kingdom in 2009-2010 ADC link

13.40 NL Hezelgrave et al
Can fetal fibronectin testing and cervical length measurement direct appropriate prophylactic steroid use in high-risk, asymptomatic women? ADC link

13.45 KCW Goss et al
Rapid analysis of surfactant phosphatidylcholine synthesis in preterm infants utilising the incorporation of a novel stable isotope: a pilot study ADC link

13.50 ND Embleton et al
Quality of life in children and adults with congenital gastro-intestinal anomalies: a systematic review ADC link

13.55 P Chisholm et al
Growth attainment in extremely preterm children- has it changed over time? The EPICure 2 study ADC link

14.00 Session Break

Session 11: Organisation of Care. Chairs – Professor Jane Sandall & Dr Katie Gallagher

14.10 Dr Jenny Kurinczuk, Oxford, UK
Interventions to deal with inequalities in reproductive health

14.40 Dr Peter Lachman, London, UK
Improving safety in maternal and perinatal care

15.10 Professor Julie Jomeen, Hull, UK
The paradox of choice in maternity care

Session 12: Hot Topics Free Papers Plenary Session. Chair – Professor Kate Costeloe

15.40 ME O’Callaghan et al
The Australian Cerebral Palsy Research Study – epidemiological and genetic associations with cerebral palsy ADC link

15.55 BR Kelly et al
Antenatal steroids: a caveat to the applause? Long term impact of antenatal glucocorticoid exposure on aortic structure and function: a 20 year prospective follow up study of premature infants ADC link

16.10 T Moore et al
The EPICure studies: better survival, better outcomes? ADC link

16.25 Presentation of Prizes and closing remarks

16.30 Close of meeting

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