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Welcome to the Society's Spring Newsletter – judging by the sheets of rain hitting my window, we have certainly not hit summer yet! Thank you for your continued support of the Society. There is an encouraging trend to larger numbers attending the meetings.

Autumn Meeting 24th November 2005, Nuffield Hall, RCOG, London
The meeting was held in the impressive surroundings of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Professor Michael Symonds from the Centre for Reproduction and Early Life, Institute of Clinical Research, University of Nottingham gave the 2nd Widdowson lecture on "Leptin - its role in adaptation at birth and later health and disease". This lecture summarised a large contribution in the field from Mike’s own institution and gave some leaders on where his research would go. Professor Lex Doyle, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, The University of Melbourne, Australia was invited to give a keynote lecture on "Postnatal Corticosteroids - Where to Now?" His overall conclusion was that the long term adverse effects of postnatal steroids (that we are all acutely aware of) may be limited to treatment started in the first week when the actual risk of Chronic Lung Disease (CLD) is low. He suggested directing efforts towards the identification of what factors make the risk of CLD low at this age.

Spring Meeting 16th March 2006, RIBA, Portland Place, London
Maria Fitzgerald, Professor of Developmental, Neurobiology, Dept Anatomy & Developmental Biology, University College London gave the McCance Lecture titled "Neonatal Pain Processing". This was an eloquent lecture that described how the study of the nociceptive pathway can be translated to the newborn infant. Such research would facilitate the better design of strategies for the relief of pain.

Future meetings

Confirmed meetings
12 – 13.12.06 Churchill College, Cambridge - Abstract deadline 7.9.06
A meeting with the Nutrition Society to celebrate Elsie Widdowson’s centenary
15.3.07 RIBA, London - Abstract deadline 9.2.07
28-29.6.07 Portsmouth (host Richard Thwaites) - Abstract deadline 18.5.07
22.11.07 Royal Society of Medicine - Abstract deadline 12.10.07

Proposed meetings
Summer 2008, Middlesbrough, hosted by Professor Sunil Sinha
Summer 2009, Edinburgh, hosted by Andy Lyon

Professor Andrew Whitelaw was elected to serve as President of the Society from June 2006.

New members
The following have been elected to the membership of the Society;

Robert Bomont - Leicester
Leigh Dyet - London
Adrienne Foran - London
Zainab Kassim - London
Geraint Lee - Reading
Mohd Ezam Mat-Ali - Southampton
Caroline May - London
Bibian Ofoegbu - Manchester
Atul Sharma - London
Uma Sothinathan - London
Suresh Victor - Leicester

There were 15 and 16 abstracts respectively submitted to the Autumn 2005 and Spring 2006 meetings. As discussed at the last AGM, the Society continues to accept all abstracts for presentation in line with the guidelines that are available on the website. In addition can I remind members to encourage presentations and applications for membership from junior medical and scientific staff.

The Summer and Autumn abstracts from 2005 are both at typesetting in Early Human Development – I will inform you of their citation once I have it.

This continues to be updated. Abstract booklets are sent out to the address that is on file. If a member has not received a booklet recently please send to me your current details so that I can update the database.

Anoo Jain, Meetings Secretary,
24th May 2006

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